Ashleigh Laureen Photography Journalistic Wedding in the Boston Navy Yard, Massachusetts

Frequently Asked Questions: Weddings

Here are a few questions that I have received (and my answers!) that I believe can help you in your search for your perfect photographer. For a little more information about how I got into this crazy, wonderful business, check out this interview I had with BostonVoyager Magazine!

What is your style of photography?

I specialize in a journalistic style and seek to tell a story through my images. I focus on each couple's unique "vibe" and strive to bring that out in my photographs and the way I present your final product, the Signature Heirloom Album. I use my perspective and expertise to pick out the best cover and design options for your album, showcasing your style and love in the way most unique to YOU! For a fairly recent wedding example, check out this stunning summer wedding from August 2017!

How many weddings have you shot? Do you bring in your own lighting?

I've lost count! I have shot enough to cover three full summers of happy clients! As far as lighting goes, I focus on natural light as much as possible, but I do bring my flash gear with me in case I need it. Check out my Instagram feed for more recent work and examples!

Do you work from a shot list?

I usually do not work from a shot list as I tend to focus more on the candid and genuine emotion of the moment. I love the "unposed" images that truly tell a story. When it comes to more formal shots, like family formals, I go over these in detail with my clients and make sure I have your specified list on hand to "shout out" on the wedding day. Most of the time, I get through these shots in under 15 minutes.

Can we request certain images are taken?

Absolutely! After our first meeting, I send out a questionnaire to my clients that you can go through with as much detail as you want. We go over these specifics at our second and final meeting so that I know exactly what you're looking for.

How many images would you estimate you would take/I get to see from each collection?

This really depends on the number of hours and how many photographers are shooting. Most of the time, if I and my second shooter (most times my husband) are hired for six hours, I tend to deliver around 300-500 images. I know that sounds daunting, but after your pick a few favorites, I go through and pick the rest that I believe tell your story the best and put them into your Signature Heirloom Album. You get to choose if you want to preview it or not (and/or make a few small changes), If not, we're good to go! This relieves you of the burden of having to choose everything, and it gives me the chance to tell your story from my very advantageous perspective.

Do you limit delivery to the number of images you would edit?

Yes, I limit my delivery to the images I choose to edit. On that note, because I tell a story through your images, I deliver plenty. I cull through all the images from your wedding day and choose the best of the best, delivering a finished product that meets my standard of excellence. I take deep pride and care in each image, using my discretion to deliver my best work and bring you the greatest experience possible.

What is the retainer, payment timeline, cancellation policy, and plan in case of not being able to photograph our wedding?

I require my clients to sign a contract and pay a 30% non-refundable retainer to book your date. Payment plans are available, if necessary. My cancellation policy, "photographer swap" policy (for lack of a better term), and other legalities are mentioned in detail in my contract. I have a close network of trusted and talented photographers that I would go to if something happened and I could not photograph your wedding.