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Wedding photography...

Wedding Photography in Matte Preset Edit

It's one of the most fun things I have ever done. There's so much joy that can be experienced in taking on this huge role in the happiest day of a sweet couple. From the meetings we hold before the wedding to the wedding itself, I wouldn't trade one second of the time I can spend with each couple for the world.

Newlywed Kiss during Autumn Wedding

At the beginning of the day, I get to spend special time with the bride as she pampers herself and gets ready to feel like a princess. I can pop into the groom's dressing room (after he's ready, of course!) and hear his words of joy as he anxiously awaits seeing his bride. Notes and gifts are exchanged, and you can feel that love is in the air! As the photographer, I am allowed a glimpse into the life of the bride and groom as they prepare for the biggest moment of their lives, and I get to capture every second! The laughter, the happy tears (yes, even the sad ones), the nervous smiles--these are all momentary expressions that can't be forgotten, so they are captured to remember for years to come.

The ceremony is a special time, for that is when the bride and groom vow their lives to each other, a commitment so vast that one cannot help but be sobered by it. And that kiss. You can't forget the first kiss of the newlyweds.

The reception follows, the party commences, and the day flies by. Finally, the whole clan gathers outside to send off the love birds, and the bride and groom drive off to their "happily ever after." And what then after that? What do the bride and groom have to last them for the rest of their lives?

They have their love for each other, their memories, their rings...and their photos.