Ashleigh Mayhew from Ashleigh Laureen Photography, Journalistic Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Southern New Hampshire

Hello there! My name is Ashleigh Mayhew...

...and I have been capturing the world around me since I was a little girl. I began this crazy, wonderful business back in 2010 and have been growing ever since—working with couples, families, and all beautiful souls. The work is hard, but the joy that comes from creating these memories is so worth it.

I am a storyteller, adventurer, and lover of life and laughter.

I have been known for capturing genuine connection in my sessions, and I make true and raw emotion my focus—to me, that is the most beautiful thing.

When my clients view their images, I want them to feel again what they felt that day, remember the laughter and the tears, and discover new memories they might have otherwise forgotten.

I focus on giving my clients a full-service experience that personalizes every aspect of their session, something that can be hard to find in our very fast-paced and digital society. I believe my passion for photography, my upbeat and friendly personality, and my desire to capture real emotion encompass who I am as a photographer.

My husband Robbie, a photographer in his own right, photographs weddings with me, and I love working with him! He is my biggest support, my strongest ally, and my most beloved friend.

(Photo to the right by Inner Images Photography)


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