Ashleigh Mayhew of Ashleigh Laureen Photography, Journalistic Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Southern New Hampshire

Hi there! My name is Ashleigh.

Often I hear people say one of the first things they notice about me is that I am extremely expressive with my face. Crazy faces are my forte.

Coffee over tea, most times One-time Marathoner Wannabe van-lifer Novice gamer who will usually choose to watch someone else play because it's like a movie to me Singer and enthusiast of musical theater Fave animal is the horse, but my rescue pup Ridge holds a close second! Canon girl Adorer of anything Frank Sinatra-esque Storyteller through images Lover of life and throw-your-head-back laughter

Every creative venture has its unique's mine.

Genuine connection is the name of my game. My style is...

Fresh, unposed, easy-going, and maybe a little quirky. I can get a little giddy with excitement, I often sing everything I say, and I will more than likely squeal with delight after taking an amazing photo. Yes, I will tell you how amazing you look, because're going to look amazing.

Are you adventurous? Let's do something out-of-the-ordinary, like play in the waves or have a picnic in an orchard.

In-the-moment images are my focus...pun intended. And yes...I adore cheesy jokes, dad jokes, and what-have-you jokes. Bring 'em on.

My husband Robbie, a real estate photographer in southern New Hampshire, photographs weddings with me, and I love working with him! He is my biggest support, my strongest ally, and my most beloved friend.

(Photo to the right by Inner Images Photography)

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When you view your images...

I want you to feel again what you felt that day, remember the laughter and the tears, and discover new memories you might have otherwise forgotten. Let's grab some coffee (or tea!) and chat about YOU!

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